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Blue Lion Biotechnology Inc.,?a leading supplier of fine chemical in China,Website:, is located in China 's largest international trade centre of China,shanghai. ???????????We ?invests large fund in R&D department to research fine chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical & its intermediates products that fit the demand of the market. With the growing market of steroids, our main product is Androgens,Progestogens,Estrogens, Such as Mestanolone,Stanolone,BoldenoneUdecylenate,Progesterone,Estrone, Estradiol,Estriol,Dehydroepiandrosterone,Prasterone Acetate,Epiandrosterone,Oxymetholone,Testosterone propionate, 4-androstenedione,ADD, etc. ????????Our factory have three GMP standard workshops and one multifunctional workshop are our production base,we can produce the best materials at here.a lab with necessary facilities is the guarantee of high quality materials,we can realize almost all the tests for our products in our lab. We have the advanced stock system,and there are the separate rooms for different products.we choose the suitable packing for our products ,and we can pack the materials as per the requests from the customers perfectly. We are well aware that?Quality is life?,and we are providing the best products to all the users on this basis,meanwhile,we strengthen the cost control for keeping the best competition of our products in the market,of course,we?ve never forgotten providing the best service to the users,we know that?Quality,Cost &Service?are the basis of the enterprise survival. We believe that we would always do the best in the future,and we are looking forward to starting more and more business with you . ????????? Any inquiry and suggestion is highly appreciated.? Welcome to Blue Lion Biotechnology Inc.
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4-androstenedione;Testosterone?Propionate ;DHEA,Prasterone;DHEA?Acetate;Epiandrosterone ;Boldenone?Undecylenate ;Mestanolone;Stannolone;Exemestane;Altrenogest; Mesterolone?Dromostanolone Propionate ;Methandrostenolone; Oxandrolona; Trenbolone?Acetate; Methenolone?Acetate ; Oxymetholone; Stanozolol
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